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What Does POS Fee Mean: Everything You Need to Know

The point of sale system is something that a modern business can’t be run without. Although it has enhanced the way transactions occur, there are still plenty of small businesses that don’t use it. Implementing new technologies is a significant change, and a lot of retailers are afraid of the unknown. Questions such as what is POS fee and how many of them are there are essential, but they shouldn’t stop you from improving your business. So let’s try to answer those questions and clear out all doubts.

What Does PCI Mean and How It Affects Your Business

With more than one billion credit cards used in the US, enabling this payment option to your customers is a great way to boost sales and grow your enterprise. However, with the increase of data breaches, merchants are more than ever obliged to protect cardholders’ information. When you understand what does PCI mean and how it affects your business, becoming compliant will be the only right choice.

Online Sales Tax Rules for eCommerce Businesses

Things were once simple for the merchants and sellers. Then the Internet disrupted the market beyond recognition, and it will continue to shape the world of commerce in the foreseeable future. All of a sudden, understanding of online sales tax rules became a must for all sellers who wished to make gains in that arena. We collected the essential information for you.

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The Definitive Guide to the Best Square Alternatives

Any company that seriously wants to compete in today’s market has to enable its customers to pay with credit cards for their goods or services. Even more, it should provide an opportunity for payments to be made from mobile phones via specially designed readers. One giant has dominated that market for a while, but the search for Square alternatives is well underway. There are many companies and services that want to secure their niche, and we’ll present you with our picks. But let’s start from the beginning.

7 Best PayPal Alternatives In 2020

PayPal might be the most popular and preferred service for digital payments, but with so many new providers popping out, is it time to explore and see if there might be something better out there? How many of you would consider using some of the PayPal alternatives? People are more sensitive when it comes to money, and business owners especially don’t want to risk being scammed. That is why we decided to do all the research and find out which platforms can stand the test and become praiseworthy alternatives for the famous PYPL.

Understanding American Express’s OptBlue

OptBlue program can be a good way for smaller enterprises to reduce the costs of processing American Express credit cards. It’s a pricing model for the Amex merchant account that can provide potential benefits to small businesses that take in less than $1 million in volume. If your business accepts Amex cards, or you plan to start doing so, you should understand how this program can be helpful to you, and how it can even hurt your bottom line if you choose the wrong processor.

Free POS System – Things You Should Know

Do you want to improve your business and manage sales, employees, and inventory with ease? A POS system allows business owners to track cash flow, access detailed sales reports, and accept cashless payments. But, is a free POS system really the right solution for your enterprise?

All You Need to Know About Interchange Fees

Almost 60% of Americans believe that the US will soon become a cashless nation, while 40% already use plastic to purchase goods and services. In other words, if you want to grow your enterprise, you will have to accept card payments, which means you will have to pay interchange fees to your bank. But you may ask now, what are those fees in the first place?


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