Payment processing financial advisor that specializes in YOUR industry. Get free advice on how to cut credit card fees by 20-50%.

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The Right Way To Do Business

There’s a right way to do business – you need to make it profitable. This rings especially true if you are just starting a business, so every cent counts. One way to do so is to cut unnecessarily high credit card processing costs. And that’s where we step in.

Easy to set-up

Merchant Services

Get a POS terminal and start accepting credit cards! Experience the true next-day funding where you will get access to YOUR money in 24 hours. You have everything you need to run your online and brick & mortar business in one place, including loyalty programs, clearing, payment gateways.

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Credit Card Processing

Process and accept all types of credit and debit cards, set up Apple Pay, and make sure that people who are ready to pay for your goods or services aren’t faced with inconvenient hurdles. We’re here to make it as simple as possible and even cheaper than what you are currently paying.

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Financial Consulting

Not sure how to analyze your merchant statement and understand what you are paying for every month? We offer free merchant service consulting where we will review each case personally and pinpoint the areas where you can save on merchant fees. It’s 100% obligation-free.

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Mobile Notary Service

Get things stamped at your business location or on the go. No need to search for available notaries near you when we can come to the address of your choosing. This saves both time and money, and it’s the most convenient notary service you can get.

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How Merchant Chimp Works

What you need to do to get our best service


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Call our Account Exec and tell us more about your business and the current payment processor you use.

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The only way we can see how much you are being overcharged is to analyze your actual merchant statement.

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We will pinpoint all the unnecessary charges and fees and provide a detailed report you can keep, no matter whether you switch or not.

Save 20-50%

We will make a much better offer on the spot! Have everything you are getting now, at better rates. We aren’t greedy.

What They Say About Us

We won’t boast – here are others who will do that for us

No waitlists or holds, when you need support for your business, they are there.

Carlos V.

What I really love about Merchant Chimp is that I finally have true next-day funding and access to my working capital.

Joseph Ayub

When you run a moving company, charges can really bite into the profits. Low fees do make a difference!

Elad Shabtai

Out of all the locations we have opened, Merchant Chimp has given us the best service and rates we’ve come across. Their staff has always been so helpful and continues to impress us whenever we need assistance.

Manila Forbes

Us vs Other Payment Processors.

How do we really compare to our competitors and their offer? We offer the lowest rates on the market, lower than any other payment processor out there.

Interchange Rates
Transparent Pricing Rates
Low Transaction Costs
Month-to-Month Agreement
Dedicated account exec with direct line
Next-day Funding
Variety of POS Hardware Models
  • Interchange rates
  • Transparent pricing rates
  • Low transaction costs
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Dedicated account exec with direct line
  • Next-day Fubding
  • Financing/Loans
  • Variety of POS Hardware Models


It never hurts to know how much you can save.

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