Merchant Services for Automotive Retail

The automotive industry in the US experienced a significant drop in March of 2020. And yet, the forecasts suggest that by the year 2025, 12 million vehicles will be sold per year. If you’re in this field and looking for the best merchant services for automotive retail, you’re in the right place. 

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The Most Cost-Effective and Reliable Credit Card Processing for an Auto Dealership

Since running a successful business in the automobile industry comes with numerous potential challenges, we’ve done everything to make it easier for you. Ready to dive into the world of credit card processing companies? We’re your guide. Here’s how we enhance the whole process and avoid typical issues, such as credit card malfunctions and related frauds.

Our business methods suit all clients, from small to large-scale organizations. The solutions we offer allow and secure cashless payments in person, online, or through the mobile phone. As automotive service providers, we help companies expand their customer base by offering them a choice between various products and systems. Our job is to make sure that all transactions and cashless payments in your company run efficiently and trouble-free.

However, if your payment processor is overcharging you for fees, it’s time to choose the ones that will do things differently – and more affordably.

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How to Spot the Right Merchant Services for Automotive Retails?

Here’s how to choose a reliable payment processor:

  • Read reviews and testimonials,
  • Carefully assess your actual needs and choose accordingly,
  • Ask experts on this topic to help you out and figure what causes you to lose profits.

Now, what can a good merchant offer? Find a service provider who offers:

  • Multiple services
  • Advanced technology for payment processing
  • Credit card processing
  • Financial consulting
  • Flexible notary service

With Merchant Chimp, we promise that there will be no hidden or sudden costs.

Determine Your Merchant Processor Needs

So, before you pick your merchant processor, here’s what you must estimate and plan:

  • Find the type of processor you want to work with.
  • Determine how you plan to receive payments.
  • Get pricing quotes from a few providers.
  • Ask for interchange-plus rates.
  • Get a detailed insight into fees.
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What They Say About Us

We won’t boast – here are others who will do that for us

I switched to merchant chimp a few years ago and working with Joanna Hernandez has been the best! She is always on top of new rates that are beneficial for my business. If I have any questions I can call her immediately and get a quick response. The customer service is amazing and the overall company works well with how I do business.

Jen M

I cannot say enough great things about the level of service Merchant Chimp provides. Unlike other service providers, I know that when we reach out, our issue or question will be resolved within the day. Their dedication to keeping my business operational is beyond any I’ve ever experienced.

Laura Muertter

Hi my name is sami pasha and I’m the owner of Encino Tire in Service I have been working with merchant ship for the last three years I am extremely satisfied and happy with the customer service of merchantI chimp have not had any problems in the last three years and a gentleman by the name of Danilo who works for him is an angel he is great at customer service and very polite and accommodating I could not have asked for a better service rep I am extremely happy and satisfied with merchant chimp

Sami Pasha

Thank you Merchant Chimp for your great service! I would definitely recommend your credit card processing services to my connections!

Sergey Ivannikov

Merchant Chimp is by far the best credit card processing company I have worked with. Their response time and customer services skills are amazing. They take the time to help as much as they can and work on a professional level.

Marianna G

No Hidden Fees and Unexpected Costs

Some credit card processing companies burn your cash by adding extra fees and sudden costs. However, obtaining excellent credit card processing services diminishes the chances of getting caught up in unexpected expenses. Picking the right processor like Merchant Chimp means that you won’t experience any added costs, but you’ll even get to save up to 50%!

If you’re wondering how – contact us to get a full report. Once you send the statement, we can canvas your actual state and highlight all the unnecessary costs that you are paying for. Make data-driven decisions and save a lot of money on automotive services. Choose transparency and precision.

We Are the Most Secure Option for the Auto Industry

Refining the customer experience and loyalty is crucial for automotive retailers, mechanics, and auto shops. 

When using advanced tools and tech equipment, you’re bound to have returning customers and positive reviews.

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Yeah, but Why Merchant Chimp?

We can beat your current rates anywhere from 20 to 50%.

Free Equipment

For all qualified merchants, we offer free terminals or equipment.

Personal Merchant Account

We won’t bundle you with other merchants. You will have your own, transparent merchant account with clearly defined fees and merchant statements that you can actually understand and track.

No Billback

Are you being charged intermittently for various fees, so your statements vary from month to month? We don’t do billback because it’s not transparent or fair. You deserve to always know what you are paying for.

No Fine Print or *

Absolute transparency guaranteed. No fine print and asterisks, just plain old better value for money.

99% Software Integration

Can be integrated with 99% of the software you already use. And we are working on that remaining 1%.

Premium Customer Support

No bouncing around among support agents, you will have a dedicated account manager who will always answer your call.

How We Roll

  • Make your sales skyrocket by using our services for automotive retailers. We offer low costs for accepting credit and debit card payments. With us, this perk isn’t only reserved for large businesses and corporations.
  • Who doesn’t want to save money? Our solutions are tailor-made to keep our clients happy. Customized accounts are the future and the path toward (mutual) success.
  • Would you like to know about some of the fees we will never charge? Numerous processors raise transaction fees for processing certain types of cards. But that’s not our style. Running an automotive company is tough enough as it is. Our job is to make it easier.

Merchant Services Drive Sales

There were approximately 374 million open credit card accounts in the US in 2019. Also, the number of active users grows by 2.5% every year. Besides the stunning statistics and figures, there are more studies to back up the necessity of merchant processing services. The vast majority of purchasers spend more money when paying with plastic. In fact, one particular survey has shown that more than 80% of small businesses that allow cashless payments saw a solid increase in their financial gains. Auto retailers, auto shops, and mechanics can grow their business with the right merchant processor.

Our Solutions Help You Boost Customer Retention and Loyalty

It’s a tale as old as the automotive market’s competitiveness: loyalty equals affordability. Over 80% of company representatives from different industries have agreed that retention costs much less than acquisition. Customer convenience, favorable treatment, and openness toward innovations drive the best results. It improves the retention rate and raises customer loyalty.

A merchant account provides flexibility, which is one of the greatly appreciated perks from a customer’s perspective. Many retailers present their buyers with multiple options. They accept cash or transactions made through gift cards or checks. Still, the usage of credit card virtual terminals is often the favored choice.

Manage Payment Processing and Avoid Misunderstandings

Have you ever dealt with expired checks or bounced checks? We have, too. But, guess what? They’ve just moved to the past. Also, cash payments and all those calculations that revolve around them give most customers the chills. Cashless is simply the most comfortable way of purchasing. The best merchant services for automotive retail will help you avoid any misunderstandings and reduce stress. Your employees will thank you. The majority of customers will feel more secure and content.

Your Ideal Merchant Services for Automotive Retail

Whether you’re looking to process transactions for down payments, regular maintenance, or car payments, our electronic processing and mobile payment prospects ensure you get the problem-free transactions.

Are you ready to hear the best news today? Our processing fees are very competitive.  Start saving anywhere from 20 to 50% per month – that’s thousands of dollars right back in your pocket! Get in touch to have a professional financial advisor analyze your merchant statement.


It never hurts to know how much you can save.

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