Merchant Services for E-commerce

As a credit card processing company that deeply understands the importance of a solid customer base, Merchant Chimp can take care of all your e-commerce needs. Whether your business is based online or you’re looking to expand and boost sales, our merchant services for e-commerce are a great solution. We offer different options to help you succeed on the market. Read further to get acquainted with different classifications and the most commonly used strategies we will provide you with.

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We Offer the Best Merchant Services for E-commerce

Our goal is to provide enterprise owners with a variety of solutions for non-cash transactions. Because online shopping is seeing rapid growth on the market and increasing, it is essential to understand the benefits. With a reliable processor, you can experience all the conveniences of electronic commerce, while your customers can enjoy the cost benefits, security, and privacy.

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We Are a Payment Processor That Provides Excellent Support

If you want better control over your profits and expenses, you’ll want to work with us. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the means to cut down on costs and save money. From easy readable and transparent monthly statements to excellent customer support, we work towards helping your enterprise grow.

Our Merchant Services Come With No Hidden Fees Included

Merchant Chimp is a company composed of business owners, and we know all about struggling to understand the rising expenses with some credit card processing companies without the ability to reduce them. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you various solutions for your business, with no hidden fees attached. We are a payment processor that is transparent and easy to understand, and with our solutions, you will be able to cut down on costs from 20% to 50%.

Our Credit Card Processing Solutions Are User Friendly

Getting the hang of using different types of credit card processing services has never been easier. Our tools are user-friendly, and they will allow you to focus on what is vital to your enterprise. Our merchant services credit card processing is there to enable the growth of your business while you’re more efficient and work on increasing the profits. We will provide you with detailed information on different types of fees, from the interchange to markup, so you understand the payment process.


What They Say About Us

We won’t boast – here are others who will do that for us

I switched to merchant chimp a few years ago and working with Joanna Hernandez has been the best! She is always on top of new rates that are beneficial for my business. If I have any questions I can call her immediately and get a quick response. The customer service is amazing and the overall company works well with how I do business.

Jen M

I cannot say enough great things about the level of service Merchant Chimp provides. Unlike other service providers, I know that when we reach out, our issue or question will be resolved within the day. Their dedication to keeping my business operational is beyond any I’ve ever experienced.

Laura Muertter

Hi my name is sami pasha and I’m the owner of Encino Tire in Service I have been working with merchant ship for the last three years I am extremely satisfied and happy with the customer service of merchantI chimp have not had any problems in the last three years and a gentleman by the name of Danilo who works for him is an angel he is great at customer service and very polite and accommodating I could not have asked for a better service rep I am extremely happy and satisfied with merchant chimp

Sami Pasha

Thank you Merchant Chimp for your great service! I would definitely recommend your credit card processing services to my connections!

Sergey Ivannikov

Merchant Chimp is by far the best credit card processing company I have worked with. Their response time and customer services skills are amazing. They take the time to help as much as they can and work on a professional level.

Marianna G

We’ll Set Up Your Electronic Commerce Accounts

If you’re wondering about what an eCommerce account is – it’s pretty simple. It’s a merchant account that is a part of the service bundle that allows you to accept eCommerce transactions. Whether you need an integration of the brick and mortar POS hardware, along with options to provide the customers with shopping through your website, or simply focus on selling goods online, we’ve got your back.

Each Payment Through Our Service Is Without Fine Print

Most merchants have been battling with untransparent fees and unresponsive customer support. But that is something that can and should be avoided. Our company strives to help you understand each cost and provide you with the means to lower them down. With us, you won’t think about giving up on non-cash transactions so that you won’t lose sales. We’ll work together to save on expenses and increase revenue by making your customers happy and satisfied.

We’ll Save You Money

If you’ve noticed that the fees on your bank statements vary from month to month, and you are charged for various fees, we firmly believe that you should know what you’ve been charged for. Merchant Chimp doesn’t do bill-back and offers transparent solutions that are easy to comprehend. With us, you won’t feel like the funds are slipping through your hands on anything unnecessary.

Electronic Commerce Integration Will Come at Ease With Us

Providing your customers with security and privacy of an online shopping experience comes with a set of specialized tools and features along with an enterprise account. Any of the following types of businesses can offer goods and services through a website:

  • Traditional retail sellers that offer shoes, accessories, clothing, and other goods,
  • All kinds of digital creators, such as musicians and other content creators,
  • Artists and crafters that offer handmade and other limited-run products,
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers,
  • Subscription box enterprises.

These businesses usually focus their primary sales on the internet, through their website, and some of them choose to do so exclusively. Whether your needs are specialized or you want an online presence besides any other non-cash transaction service, we’ve got you covered.


Why Work With Us?

If you’re looking for the best eCommerce and other card processing solutions while paying the lowest fees out there, you are at the right place.

Discard Unnecessary Fees

If you come to us to analyze the statement from your current processor, we will pinpoint all the unnecessary fees and charges. The first thing we may offer you is to provide a full, detailed report pointing where you’ve been overcharged. Our offer on the spot will be much more beneficial to your enterprise – you can have all the services you already use at a much better price.

Free Equipment

For all qualified merchants, we offer free terminals or equipment.

Electronic Commerce Will Allow You to Expand Your Enterprise

The way merchants interact with their customers is inevitably changing, and thus more and more businesses integrate electronic commerce on their websites. Not only do the consumers want an easily navigated website and convenient shopping experience, but also the option to pay for goods online in a couple of clicks.

Want to Partner With Us?

Whichever type of business you run, from retail stores to selling artisan goods, eCommerce, and other non-cash payment processing will help you stay on track with the needs of your customers. Contact us, and we will provide you with all the necessary means and the best tools to make it happen. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with everything you need to satisfy the consumers while cutting down on hidden costs and expenses. We offer to give you 20% to 50% lower rates than anyone else. It means that with us, you will save thousands of dollars.

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It never hurts to know how much you can save.

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