Merchant Services for Grocery Stores

In order to have a successful grocery store business, you’ll need to get the best merchant services for grocery stores. And as a leader in this field, Merchant Chimp is here to provide you with nothing less than the best. With our low rates, transparency, and constant support, you will be able to focus only on your growth. Read ahead everything we could offer you and see why hiring us is the right solution for you.

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Credit Card Processing Services and the Reason They Exist

It is estimated that nowadays almost 60% of Americans prefer using cards rather than cash. Using cards as a payment method became more convenient and easier for many. According to it, allowing point-of-sale systems and payment by cards in your business can only be beneficial. After all, attracting more customers should be your goal when it comes to sales and profit.

However, to offer these kinds of payments, you’ll need to hire a company that could make each payment happen. That’s where processing fees and merchant services come along. Card payments processing is complex, with everything needed to be done from the moment a customer finishes the purchase to when you get your funds. Because of it, it is easy for many companies to scam their clients and demand much higher payments than necessary. That is why you must research and choose only the first-rate company for your grocery store business. And with us, you will make no mistake.

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With Merchant Chimp, You Will Take Control of Your Expenses

With fierce competition and highly developed supermarket chains, every cent you earn counts. Because of it, you must not allow any credit card processing company to deceive you and bill you more. Know that many of them count on you not understanding fees and make their monthly statements purposely unreadable. That is how you end up paying what is necessary when customers use cards, and then some. Our company is here when you want to be sure that you are not being scammed.

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With Us, You Shouldn't Fear Unexpected Costs

We don’t want to lure you with the talk about low costs, but to offer the solutions to become more competitive. That is why with our company you won’t be getting any unexpected fees. Every additional service we offer is a product of mutual agreement and is charged accordingly. You will be informed about everything we can offer and free to opt for whatever you want. The amount of your bill will be connected only to what you’ve chosen and nothing more.

Complete Transparency Is Guaranteed With Our Company

Our company has your professional satisfaction as the primary goal. We did not start our business to steal but to help you. That is why it is important to us that you understand the statements we provide each month. We aim for successful cooperation on both sides, which is why we wouldn’t want to damage your trust in any way. With us, you will be able to understand each fee for payments that went through the POS terminal. Get to know what you pay as well as why you pay it and don’t be deceived ever again.

No fine print and hidden fees are combined with the possibility of having your own account. It won’t be bundled with others, which means that you can track everything you are paying. On top of that, know that we offer short-term contracts. If you want to call off our cooperation, which we highly doubt, you could do without paying penalties.

Cash Discount Programs

The sad truth is that with each swipe on the POS tamal, you inevitably lose money. There are fees needed to be paid to your issuing bank, card network, and processor, who made it all happen. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way not only to keep fees away but to attract more customers at the same time?.

Processing fees are easily avoidable when your customers don’t use cards as a payment method. Some stores smartly decided to calculate fees in each product’s final prices and offer a discount to each customer who opts for cash payments. In this case, fees are either not being paid at all or are paid by the customer. If you want to follow this model, know that credit card processing companies are still needed for those who opt for plastic money. However, you will be able to avoid paying fees and keep that money in your pocket.

Free Financial Advice With No Strings Attached

Even if you are not our client, we are here to help and without additional costs. Contact us so that our professionals could analyze your statement and point to you if and where the overcharge is happening. Of course, that doesn’t mean you automatically need to switch to our company. However, be prepared to want it, because our offer is too good to be passed.

We Will Provide You With Top-Notch but User-Friendly Solutions

We have all that it takes for your store to run smoothly. And if you don’t know what it is exactly, give us a call, and we will help you with each of your dilemmas. We could provide you with highly developed hardware and software for POS systems so that your store could work more efficiently. Keep in mind that our software could be integrated with almost every existing software out there. Right now, we are at 99% of compatibility, but soon it will become 100%. And in addition to all of this, we are here to program systems and set the equipment without new chargers. Yes, we are that awesome.

Your Business Growth Is Our Goal, Too

The number of online customers around the world is rapidly increasing each day. To keep up with time, you should consider all the benefits you could get from added online service. Keep in mind the fast-paced time in which we live. The possibility of grocery delivery is very much a customer-friendly move and the one that could give you better profit. Aside from the point of sale systems, we can also offer software for payments via your eCommerce business. Whether you already have one or plan to expand to the online world, we will provide you with the prime up-to-date technology.


What They Say About Us

We won’t boast – here are others who will do that for us

I switched to merchant chimp a few years ago and working with Joanna Hernandez has been the best! She is always on top of new rates that are beneficial for my business. If I have any questions I can call her immediately and get a quick response. The customer service is amazing and the overall company works well with how I do business.

Jen M

I cannot say enough great things about the level of service Merchant Chimp provides. Unlike other service providers, I know that when we reach out, our issue or question will be resolved within the day. Their dedication to keeping my business operational is beyond any I’ve ever experienced.

Laura Muertter

Hi my name is sami pasha and I’m the owner of Encino Tire in Service I have been working with merchant ship for the last three years I am extremely satisfied and happy with the customer service of merchantI chimp have not had any problems in the last three years and a gentleman by the name of Danilo who works for him is an angel he is great at customer service and very polite and accommodating I could not have asked for a better service rep I am extremely happy and satisfied with merchant chimp

Sami Pasha

Thank you Merchant Chimp for your great service! I would definitely recommend your credit card processing services to my connections!

Sergey Ivannikov

Merchant Chimp is by far the best credit card processing company I have worked with. Their response time and customer services skills are amazing. They take the time to help as much as they can and work on a professional level.

Marianna G

All the Reasons You Should Choose Merchant Chimp

As you can see, there are numerous and various benefits our company has to offer. However, take a look at our picks of advantages one grocery store can get from working with us.

No Monkey Talk

With us, you will know where each of your cents goes. Transparency is what separates us from all the rest. Our main goal is for you to understand what you are paying. It is the only way of creating quality cooperation based on trust where both sides are happy.

Solutions and Support That Will Help You Grow

We will provide you with all the necessary tools for your store to function effortlessly. It is up to you to bring customers and think about strategies. However, know that whatever you decide, we will always have your back. With our latest technology and immaculate customer support, you won’t have to worry.

Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

No matter how much you look, you won’t find costs that match ours. Remember that we offer our services for even half of the price you will get elsewhere. By hiring our company, you will let the profit from each transaction be your own.

Contact Us and Let Us Provide You With the Best Merchant Services for Grocery Stores

There isn’t a segment of our business that doesn’t surpass other companies in this field. Extremely low and transparent costs combined with the top technology and excellent support are just the tip of the iceberg. And the best part is that as you grow, you can keep having us by your side. Our month-to-month contracts are made that way so we could change together. Don’t waste this amazing opportunity. Call us and see for yourself!


It never hurts to know how much you can save.

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