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Are you tired of paying for processing fees?

A secure and efficient way to process cards. With the Cash Discount Program, merchants can process unlimited amount of credit card transactions for a single, low-cost, monthly rate.

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Benefits of Cash Discount program

Save money by eliminating credit card processing fees

Simplifies the Payment Process

More Cash

Free Equipment

Loaner equipment free of charge (based on the volume of the account)

Dedicated support

Access to online reporting platform

Gift Card / loyalty programs

Next Day Funding

What is a Cash Discount Program?

A cash discount program works by providing your customers with a cash and credit price. If the customer pays by cash, they receive a lower price. If they pay by credit card they pay a slightly higher price, which includes your cost of processing. Customers that pay with cash essentially receive a discount because they will receive a lower cash price.

The end result? You eliminate your business’ credit card processing fees and encourage your customers to use cash, while still providing them with the option to pay by credit.

A merchant using a terminal

With a cash discount program you are only paying for monthly services fee while processing fees are eliminated

Much like how gas stations have been doing the past 15 years, customers have the option to pay a little extra (3.99%) for the convenience to us their card or receive a cash discount when paying with cash. Whatever type of business, however you process cards, it will always be $49.99/month. That’s it!

Is the cash discount program the same as surcharging?

No, the cash discount program is not the same as surcharging. They seem extremely similar which can make it confusing for merchants. Here’s the difference between the cash discount program and surcharging:


A surcharge program is a type of credit card processing where you charge the consumer an additional fee or surcharge on top of the cost of goods to cover the merchant processing cost.

Also surcharging is not legal in all states in US while cash discount is. Both systems are used by the merchants to recoup the merchant services fees that are charged with each transaction.

Difference is that while surchaging program adds a percentage on each item that customer pays by card, true cash discount program is providing a discount for cash payments.”

When Do Deposits Batch?

Batch Day Deposit Day Duration
Monday Tuesday 1 Day
Tuesday Wednesday 1 Day
Wednesday Thursday 1 Day
Thursday Friday 1 Day
Friday Tuesday 3 Days
Saturday Tuesday 2 Days
Sunday Tuesday 2 Days


Remember, transcations that occur before 3PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Eastern Time are included in a single batch. It then takes about 24 hours to deposit to your bank account. Transactions that occur after 3PM on Friday, as well as those that happen on Saturday or Sunday, take 2 days to deposit to your banka. This is because banks are closed on Sundays.

If a transcation occurs after the 3 PM cut-off time, it’s included in the next day’s batch. There also is a two-day deposit time for transacations that occur before a holiday.

Can i Change the Batch Time?

Yes. But can change the batch time to midnight. Send a request to info@merchantchimp.com or call 888-9559-888. Please note that this delays the deposit date. Transaction will take 48 hours to deposit to your bank.


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What I really love about Merchant Chimp is that I finally have true next-day funding and access to my working capital.

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Out of all the locations we have opened, Merchant Chimp has given us the best service and rates we’ve come across. Their staff has always been so helpful and continues to impress us whenever we need assistance.

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It never hurts to know how much you can save.

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