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We are a merchant service company dedicated to making business-running an easy experience. Our services were designed with you – our clients – in mind. From payment processing and various hardware setups to suit your needs, we offer a wide array of handy solutions.

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You could be losing thousands of dollars on credit card processing


Cash Discount - $0 in processing fees

A secure and efficient way to process cards. With the Cash Discount Program, merchants can process unlimited amount of credit card transactions for a single, low-cost, monthly rate.

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Do you really understand your merchant statement?

Every item on the list, every fee, every charge? Payment processors and merchant service providers are deliberately making it hard for you to understand what you are paying for each month.

They are counting on it. Get in touch today.

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Credit Card Processor that Fits YOUR Needs

We offer everything you need to run your business – from POS systems and sleek hardware to intuitive and simple to use software you will love. Accept payments for your brick & mortar business, or run an online empire.


Yeah, but Why Merchant Chimp?

We can beat your current rates anywhere from 20 to 50%.

Free Equipment

For all qualified merchants, we offer free terminals or equipment.

Personal Merchant Account

We won’t bundle you with other merchants. You will have your own, transparent merchant account with clearly defined fees and merchant statements that you can actually understand and track.

No Billback

Are you being charged intermittently for various fees, so your statements vary from month to month? We don’t do billback because it’s not transparent or fair. You deserve to always know what you are paying for.

No Fine Print or *

Absolute transparency guaranteed. No fine print and asterisks, just plain old better value for money.

99% Software Integration

Can be integrated with 99% of the software you already use. And we are working on that remaining 1%.

Premium Customer Support

No bouncing around among support agents, you will have a dedicated account manager who will always answer your call.


What They Say About Us

We won’t boast - here are others who will do that for us

I switched to merchant chimp a few years ago and working with Joanna Hernandez has been the best! She is always on top of new rates that are beneficial for my business. If I have any questions I can call her immediately and get a quick response. The customer service is amazing and the overall company works well with how I do business.

Jen M
Salad Bar

I cannot say enough great things about the level of service Merchant Chimp provides. Unlike other service providers, I know that when we reach out, our issue or question will be resolved within the day. Their dedication to keeping my business operational is beyond any I’ve ever experienced.

Laura Muertter
Off Road Engineering LLC

Hi my name is sami pasha and I’m the owner of Encino Tire in Service I have been working with merchant ship for the last three years I am extremely satisfied and happy with the customer service of merchantI chimp have not had any problems in the last three years and a gentleman by the name of Danilo who works for him is an angel he is great at customer service and very polite and accommodating I could not have asked for a better service rep I am extremely happy and satisfied with merchant chimp

Sami Pasha

Thank you Merchant Chimp for your great service! I would definitely recommend your credit card processing services to my connections!

Sergey Ivannikov

Merchant Chimp is by far the best credit card processing company I have worked with. Their response time and customer services skills are amazing. They take the time to help as much as they can and work on a professional level.

Marianna G
Comparison Chart

Us vs Other Payment Processors.

How do we really compare to our competitors and their offer? We offer the lowest rates on the market, lower than any other payment processor out there.

Interchange Rates
Transparent Pricing Rates
Low Transaction Costs
Month-to-Month Agreement
Dedicated account exec with direct line
Next-day Funding
Variety of POS Hardware Models
  • Interchange rates
  • Transparent pricing rates
  • Low transaction costs
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Dedicated account exec with direct line
  • Next-day Funding
  • Financing/Loans
  • Variety of POS Hardware Models

Who We Work With

...And Many More, Just Ask!

Keep Your Money Where it Needs to Be - In Your Pocket

Merchant Services

Accept payments on your website, and develop your online business.

Credit Card Processing

Install state-of the-art POS systems and accept credit and debit cards.

Free Financial Consulting

Get free financial consultations and find out how to save money.


Transparency Is The Key

Don’t fall prey to the bloated credit card processing costs. They really don’t have to be that high. When you know what you are paying for, you can make better decisions. That’s exactly why we want you to see the big picture.


How Merchant Chimp Works

What you need to do to get our best service


Get in touch

Call our Account Exec and tell us more about your business and the current payment processor you use.


Send a Statement

The only way we can see how much you are being overcharged is to analyze your actual merchant statement.


Get a Full Report

We will pinpoint all the unnecessary charges and fees and provide a detailed report you can keep, no matter whether you switch or not.


Save 20-50%

We will make a much better offer on the spot! Have everything you are getting now, at better rates. We aren’t greedy.

Some of the industries we serve and know:


Grocery Stores




Restaurants and Bars

Don’t see your industry? Doesn’t matter, we can still save you a lot of money on credit card processing.


Everything you need to start and run your business.

Terminal Dejavoo Z8
Terminal Dejavoo Z8
Terminal FD150
Terminal FD150
Clover Go
Clover Go
Clover Flex
Clover Flex
Clover Mini
Clover Mini
Clover Station
Clover Station


It never hurts to know how much you can save.

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