Merchant Services for Hotels

We at the Merchant Chimp know that running a successful hospitality business is impossible without reliable and affordable credit card processing services. Our merchant services for hotels will ensure you deliver the best service for your customers, on time and to mutual satisfaction. We know that running a business nowadays without a credit card, online or mobile payment is phasing out, never to return. We strive to provide you with all the necessary means to keep your business growing. Find out more about what our credit card processing company has to offer.

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Get Best Merchant Services for Hotels With Us

When running a business that involves getting a wide range of customers from all over the world, your payment process must be safe and secure, and affordable. It should be aligned with your services and not eat up your profit. With our company, your funds will be available within a few days. With us, you will not lose the money, you will gain more profit and the best service.

We are the middlemen between you as a business owner, bank, and the credit card network/company. Our job is to coordinate the whole process, from the beginning of the payment until the end. In the meantime, our mission is to be as transparent as possible, and to avoid ramping up any additional fees. We are here to help you, to provide you with the best program and service available, without any unnecessary expenditures.

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User-Friendly Experience for Your Customers

The hospitality industry differs from most other areas, as high-quality service is paramount not only for good business but actually keeping you going and afloat. To do so, you need to make sure your customers have all the payment options available. We offer all kinds of credit card processing products for you to choose from, as well as all the technical support in installing necessary equipment and related accessories.

There Are a Variety of POS Terminals You Can Pick

In the lodging industry, fast and convenient service is crucial. And choosing the right Merchant kit for your business is an essential part of achieving this goal. From managing reports, feedback and tips, to inventory lists and payments orders on the go, we provide a POS system tailored to all your needs. Get in touch, and our agents will make sure you choose the right solution for your business.

With our company mobile payment option, you will accept all types of payments, including Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay. Complete transactions in three seconds and provide one of the best user-friendly experiences to your customers.

No Card-Present or Online Payments Are a Must-Have When Running a Hotel

Nowadays, traveling without online booking is neither possible nor imaginable. As most hotels do have an online payment option, if you still don’t possess it, managing your business will become increasingly difficult. Contact us and find out how easily you can set up an online payment system for your business. With our company, you will get a secure online payment and access your funds as during the following day. Give us a call and start this much-needed transformation of your lodging business, today.


What They Say About Us

We won’t boast – here are others who will do that for us

I switched to merchant chimp a few years ago and working with Joanna Hernandez has been the best! She is always on top of new rates that are beneficial for my business. If I have any questions I can call her immediately and get a quick response. The customer service is amazing and the overall company works well with how I do business.

Jen M

I cannot say enough great things about the level of service Merchant Chimp provides. Unlike other service providers, I know that when we reach out, our issue or question will be resolved within the day. Their dedication to keeping my business operational is beyond any I’ve ever experienced.

Laura Muertter

Hi my name is sami pasha and I’m the owner of Encino Tire in Service I have been working with merchant ship for the last three years I am extremely satisfied and happy with the customer service of merchantI chimp have not had any problems in the last three years and a gentleman by the name of Danilo who works for him is an angel he is great at customer service and very polite and accommodating I could not have asked for a better service rep I am extremely happy and satisfied with merchant chimp

Sami Pasha

Thank you Merchant Chimp for your great service! I would definitely recommend your credit card processing services to my connections!

Sergey Ivannikov

Merchant Chimp is by far the best credit card processing company I have worked with. Their response time and customer services skills are amazing. They take the time to help as much as they can and work on a professional level.

Marianna G

Merchant Services for Your Business With No Fees

That’s right, we offer a cash discount program to our customers. With it, you will avoid paying processing fees by allowing your clients to pay in cash. If they choose to pay with a credit card, all fees will be added to their final bill. Contact our agents for more info about the program and save thousands of dollars in the meantime.

We offer Lowest Card Payment Processing Fees

Most credit card processing companies will, on purpose, make it harder to keep track of all the fees you are paying through the merchant account. This will not be the case with us. We strive to be as transparent as possible, and provide the best user experience, not just to your customers. Our agent will guide you through every step of the process, and will do everything in their power to rid you of all the unnecessary expenditures. Alongside, they will make an account tailored to your needs and budget. Merchant Chimp processing fees are as competitive as they come. You will save from 20 to 50% per month – that is, thousands of dollars only on payment fees.

There Is No Billback With Us

What does this concretely mean? If you run a lodging company and have a merchant account, you are probably at this very moment being charged intermittently for various fees. This usually means your bank statements vary from month to month. We don’t do bill-back. Period. We believe in transparent and fair contracts where customers always know what they are paying for.


Why Choose Us

If you’re looking for the best credit card processing solutions for your hotel with the lowest fees out, you are at the right place.

Free Equipment

For all qualified merchants, we offer free terminals or equipment.

Premium Customer Support Always at Your Hand

With us, there will be no monkey business. Aside from the financial advisor that will also be available to you, if you open a personal merchant account with us, you will receive a dedicated account manager that will be always at your disposal, answering your every call.

Personal Account for Your Hospitality Business

This personal account will remain free from any outsourcing, or third-party support, which means you will have access to your account, and everything it entails, at all time. This account will remain transparent, will have clearly defined fees and merchant statements, that you can follow, understand, keep track of and rely on every step along the way.

Best Merchant Services for Hotels

If you are running an accommodation business, or you are planning to start one, you have to see that it cannot be done without cash-free payments. Maybe you are thinking that this part of the job can be figured out along the way, but sooner rather than later you will see that you must enable all of the payment methods to the customers. So, if you wish to maintain a successful business that is oriented towards growth you must provide not just the POS terminals, but also the mobile payment options, as well as all the other digital and online purchase venues. All of this can be overwhelming and confusing, but all you have to do is give our agents a call and they will take you through all of the steps you need to make. Our company provides a bundled service, which means you won’t need to hire multiple entities. This all-in-one service, alongside our competitive fees, will cover all your current needs.


It never hurts to know how much you can save.

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