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Online Shopping vs. Traditional Shopping – Pros and Cons

Shoppers have had an opportunity to choose their market for decades now, and they can purchase goods and services physically in a store or through the internet. But what are the differences between online shopping vs. traditional shopping, and the pros and cons of both for a merchant?

Choosing the best merchant account option

Merchant Chimp vs PayPal – What to Know About These Online Payment Methods

Currently, PayPal is the most used payment method among merchants, but it’s not the most popular or liked. Many use PayPal for their businesses as a means to an end without knowing an alternative solution – Merchant Chimp. So what makes it better, and who wins in the battle of Merchant Chimp vs PayPal?

What is Online Shopping Cart Abandonment and How It Affects Small Businesses?

If you are a small online business owner, the chances are that you face a lot of issues every day – this job doesn’t come without stress. Online shopping cart abandonment is surely one of the problems that keep you up at night, no matter how successful your eCommerce business is – all retailers struggle with converting browsers to customers, that’s just a fact of life. Can you do something about it? Of course – and our text will help you with that.

What Are the Best Cities to Start a Business in 2022

Congratulations! You’ve come up with a fantastic idea to start a new small enterprise, but you just don’t know what the best cities to start a business are. Don’t worry, you’re surely not the only one who is wondering the same thing at this moment. However, the answer to these questions will require some investigating first.

What is a Payment Processor and the Difference Between Processor and Gateway

When opening a business, it’s crucial to understand the differences between some vital services for your company. While they may sound similar, each does something different and important for you, whether legally or practically. Today, you can learn the answer to the question of what is a payment processor and how it’s different from gateways.

Payment Gateway vs. Payment Processor – Similarities and Differences

In order to achieve a successful online sale, there are many components that have to work flawlessly. As a business owner that wants to incorporate e-Commerce to drive sales up, you’ve probably heard many different terms related to it. So, what is a payment gateway vs. a payment processor?

What are the Best Places to Open a Business in the US

Nowadays, startups are extremely important for the world’s economy. Not only do they redefine it, but they are also deciding the way companies will work. So, picking one of the best places to open a business is probably the very next step you need to take after deciding to make your startup idea into reality.

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Credit Card Statistics Both Customers and Business Owners Should Be Aware Of

Plastic that allows you to pay for services and products has been around since the 1950s. And since then, it has been transformed and developed, bringing us different types of credit cards. Since numbers don’t lie, they show that plastic has become essential to the economy. So, let’s check credit card statistics that will show you just how applicable and useful plastic can be to both customers and businesses.


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