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CP vs. CNP: All You Need to Know About Card Not Present Transaction

With the number of payments via credit cards growing by the minute, merchants should acquaint themselves with potential risks associated with accepting such payment methods. One of those risks stems from the card not present transaction (CNP). Though completely legitimate by itself, it can land you in financial troubles if misused. Stay with us to learn the basics of CNP and improve and protect your business.

How to Get the Best Merchant Services Rates

When searching for merchant services, the majority of business owners tend to pay particular attention to the nominal credit card processing prices offered by processors on the market. But to calculate the total cost of accepting cashless payments, the so-called effective rate, and to determine the most affordable one for your enterprise, you need to get the full picture of the various pricing models and cost components.

Things to Know About Credit Card Convenience Fee

In today’s world of business, cashless transactions are a prevailing trend. But to accommodate them, you have to endure a whole plethora of fees: the processing fees for your merchant account, brands, and service providers. One way to take at least a part of the burden off your shoulders is to introduce a credit card convenience fee to your customers.

Cash Discount Program – How It Works and What Are Its Benefits?

Even with the ever-growing market of credit card payment processing companies, fees associated with the usage of plastic are still a significant burden on many merchants. The solution for their woes may appear in the form of a cash discount program.

It is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce the processing expenses at the end of each month and leave you with more money and happier customers. However, you should also be able to tell the difference between a cash discount and a surcharge, which is prohibited in certain US states.

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Your Guide to Average Credit Card Processing Fees

If you want to stay relevant on the market today, no matter what types of services or products you offer, you would have to introduce cashless payment options to your business. However, you should be familiar with the average credit card processing fees to be able to optimize your monthly expenses and set your business on a path to success.

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PCI Compliance Guide

The number of businesses that accept credit cards as a payment method is continuously growing. With that trend, there is also a surge of security risks associated with handling those transactions. PCI compliance is all about keeping every single payment on the highest security level and providing a safe environment for consumers and merchants alike.

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What is Credit Card Factoring?

Credit card factoring is a business practice in which a merchant account is used for transactions not related to the purpose for which it was set up and approved. If you are allowing another company to process their transactions via your account, you’re engaged in factoring. In most cases, it is an illegal activity that can put your business in peril and give you a lot more trouble than it’s worth.

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How to Find the Best Credit Card Processing for Small Business

Whether you are just starting or you already have a few years of work experience behind you, it is not easy to find the best credit card processing for a small business. Are you lost among the vast number of online reviews and recommendations that are confusing and do not seem genuine? You do not know how to find the right merchant service that will benefit both you and your clients? Do not worry – we are here to help.


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