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7 Best PayPal Alternatives In 2022

PayPal might be the most popular and preferred service for digital payments, but with so many new providers popping out, is it time to explore and see if there might be something better out there? How many of you would consider using some of the PayPal alternatives? People are more sensitive when it comes to money, and business owners especially don’t want to risk being scammed. That is why we decided to do all the research and find out which platforms can stand the test and become praiseworthy alternatives for the famous PYPL.

Understanding American Express’s OptBlue

OptBlue program can be a good way for smaller enterprises to reduce the costs of processing American Express credit cards. It’s a pricing model for the Amex merchant account that can provide potential benefits to small businesses that take in less than $1 million in volume. If your business accepts Amex cards, or you plan to start doing so, you should understand how this program can be helpful to you, and how it can even hurt your bottom line if you choose the wrong processor.

Free POS System – Things You Should Know

Do you want to improve your business and manage sales, employees, and inventory with ease? A POS system allows business owners to track cash flow, access detailed sales reports, and accept cashless payments. But, is a free POS system really the right solution for your enterprise?

All You Need to Know About Interchange Fees

Almost 60% of Americans believe that the US will soon become a cashless nation, while 40% already use plastic to purchase goods and services. In other words, if you want to grow your enterprise, you will have to accept card payments, which means you will have to pay interchange fees to your bank. But you may ask now, what are those fees in the first place?

How to Read a Merchant Statement – Everything you Need to Know

If you are wondering what is the best way to keep track of your business’s growth, consider establishing the habit of reviewing your merchant statement in detail. For many, to read and understand a monthly report may seem a bit complicated. However, there are ways to break the barriers. With a few simple steps, you can learn how to properly read the monthly report and be sure that the chosen processor is the best solution for your business.

Everything You Need to Know About a High-Risk Merchant Account

When it comes to credit card processing, some types of merchants need a specific processor service. This is called a high-risk merchant account. These are accounts that banks consider a high-risk type, like the ones that are prone to chargebacks or the ones that involve selling restricted products. What other businesses fall under this category, and does your enterprise need such a merchant service? Let’s find out.

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Everything to Know About Apple Pay

No one can deny that the world of commerce is rapidly changing. Though there are still those that are holding on to paying with cash, more and more consumers opt to make payments with a credit card. Among the services that make these transactions even more convenient for consumers, Apple Pay certainly stands out from the crowd. Here’s a quick introduction to the revolutionary service that can require nothing more than an iPhone, iPad, or iWatch.

Explaining the Acquirer Processor Fee in Credit Card Processing

Have you decided to start accepting Visa credit cards? Introducing cashless payment options can bring all kinds of benefits to merchants. However, before you begin accepting cards as a form of payment, you should be familiar with what you pay for this service. Among others, an acquirer processor fee will appear on your monthly statement. But would you even be able to spot it there? And what is it, to start with? We want to provide you with some answers.


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