Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing in Philadelphia

For business in Philadelphia, Merchant Chimp offers reliable and secure credit card processing and merchant services.


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Then you need to consider getting high-quality merchant services. You can stop searching because Merchant Chimp is the right service provider for you. We offer a wide range of services – from credit card processing and online payment solutions, through mobile card readers and e-commerce solutions, to mobile notary agents, we will help you with different aspects of your business. With our services, you will be able to offer different options with which your customers can pay. And our mobile notary agents will help you with all the legal aspects of your company, and paperwork as well. By using our customized services, you can be sure that we will help you grow your business and attract new customers.

Merchant Chimp Services

In order to help businesses grow, Merchant Chimp offers a wide range of services that can help you with multiple aspects of work. With years of experience, we’ve made our services to fit the needs of all our clients, and new ones as well.

Since most transactions today are cashless, every business needs to have a processing system that will be able to accept credit or debit card payments from your customers. Luckily, we have a reliable and secure Philadelphia credit card processing system that can accept all types of cards.

We also have electronic checks, online payments, and recurrent billing. By implementing our online payment system into your website, you will be able to process orders directly from your website. The processing time for each transaction is as short as possible. With our solution, you can expect for your funds to be quickly deposited to your account.

Apart from that, our e-check service can easily process electronic checks, which were created to replace traditional paper-based checks. You can install recurrent billing that will allow your clients can pay for your services in installments or pay for subscription-based services.

Aside from services, we also provide you with credit card readers that you need in order to process a transaction. We have a variety of readers that can process all types of cards, including mobile readers that you use with your smartphone or tablet and accept payments from anywhere in the world.

However, we don’t just offer services that will help you with your transactions. With our mobile notary service, you can save time on paperwork. Instead of going to the public notary, our agents can help you with the legal aspects of your business by ensuring every document is complete, identifying the signing parties, confirm the capacity of the signers, validate the authenticity of your paperwork and transactions, and complete notarial certificates.

Merchant Services for Accommodation Businesses and Retail Stores

Philadelphia businesses working in the retail and accommodation industries have to think about transactions and legal things. You need to find the best solution that will suit your goals and customers, but it also needs to be reliable and without causing significant charges.

The majority of transactions today are cashless, which means that your business needs to have a credit card processing system. With our credit card processing services, you will have a reliable payment solution that has smaller fees than most of the other solutions on the market.

Accommodation facilities also need to implement online payment systems since travelers like to pay for their rooms in advance. With that in mind, accommodation services must be able to process transactions from their websites. However, they should also have credit card processing systems for individuals that still like to pay for their rooms on site. You don’t have to worry because we can help you with both.

Online payments are also beneficial for retail stores that sell clothing, sporting goods, accessories, and furniture. For these businesses, websites can have a greater purpose than just to showcase your goods. By giving your clients an option to pay through your website, you can have a bigger reach and attract more customers to purchase your goods.

And of course, every business needs to deal with many legal things, which often includes going to the public notary more than once. But, instead of making multiple trips to their office, our mobile notary agents can check the legality of any document, identify the signing parties and confirm their capacity, and make sure that the documents are complete.


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