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Have you been looking for payment processing or some credit card processing companies that could help you boost your business in New York and help you take care of your business transactions? If this is the case, Merchant Chimp can provide you with some of the best New York merchant processing solutions that will help you run your business with the best rates. Having been in the payment processing business for a long time, we have enough experience and knowledge to provide you with top-notch payment processing services along with our New York merchant processing solutions. If you are interested in learning more about credit card processing, tokenization and point of sale systems and how it all connects to our payment processing services, you are welcome to continue reading.

What does Merchant Chimp offer?

What Merchant Chimp primarily does is help you expand your business and earn profit by providing you with our New York merchant processing services, which include: providing E-commerce solutions, allowing phone and mobile payments, providing you with our mobile credit card readers with which you can set a mobile point of sale, helping you set your virtual point of sale with our terminal, helping you manage your monthly billing as well as card processing. Merchant Chimp is here to handle all your electronic transactions and making sure they are secure, no matter if you run your business online or as a storefront. To do this, Merchant Chimp has to acquire all your sales information, authorize transactions and make sure you are getting payment and the next day funding on your merchant account. With our New York merchant processing solutions, you will accept payments whenever you want and at any place.

The importance of payment processing for running any business, especially a successful one, is known in this business. That is why Merchant Chimp is here to help you. With our New York merchant processing solutions, we also want to make your job and payment processing easier, while making sure your cash advance and cash flow are optimal on your bank statement. With our services, you can accept payments online, in person or over the phone, through various platforms. It is of high importance to us that you can handle all your transactions securely and that you can protect your clients’ personal information.

With our advanced fraud detection, you won’t have any problem processing securely credit cards (like Visa/Master Card/Discover, apple credit card, etc.), debit cards (like Visa debit card) and e-checks. To ensure the safety of all your transactions and credentials, everything is processed through the method of tokenization, which doesn’t work without a gateway fee and protects all sensitive data from the outside attacks. Merchant Chimp can also help you predict future fees and transactions. With our monthly billing solution, all your current billing, per transaction fees and other expenses will be put into monthly batch fees. This way, you will keep everything in order and manage your money transfers easier.

Merchant Chimp is here to help you run your business better. In order to do so, we have to work together with you, as our client. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our payment processing services. Our customer support center is at your disposal 24/7. With our New York merchant processing solutions, you will not only be able to develop your business, but you will also have interesting features to add to your merchant services. Don’t wait any longer! Contact Merchant Chimp and start using our solutions today. If you want to learn more about payment processing, POS and such, visit

Merchant Chimp services businesses and individuals in your metropolitan area. We offer mobile notary service, financial consulting and planning, credit report repair, and other financial services.

We offer personalized, actionable advice based on your needs. We value your privacy and guarantee discretion! Our professional consultants will be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation. Book it now by calling us! See what Merchant Chimp Can do for you.

We can help you achieve your personal or business goals after evaluating your assets and needs. Whether you need advice with personal financial planning, or business strategy and investment management, our knowledgeable representatives will be there for you. Our representatives can meet you at your home or office, and provide mobile notary service at a short notice. We can also evaluate even the most complex financial assets, and provide you with a professional advice and a plan of action.


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