Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing in Central LA

If you are a business owner in Central LA and you’ve been looking for new payment processing solutions, you are in the right place. Merchant Chimp Services – Central LA is here to offer you some of the most reliable, affordable and most importantly secure payment processing solutions.


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As you might already know, payment processing is an important part of running a business, and our job is to make sure that payment processing runs smoothly and without a problem. During our time in providing payment processing solutions, we’ve been able to help a lot of merchants and business owners by providing top-notch services. If you are interested so far, we invite you to read on and find out more about our services.

What can Merchant Chimp do for your business?

Merchant Chimp can help your business by providing you with new, simple and effective ways of accepting payments from your customers, be it by credit card, e-checks or debit cards. It doesn’t matter whether you are running your business online or in a store, we have a solution for you. Our services make sure that you get paid and the means of payment that you will be able to offer are sure to improve your customers’ experience. You will be able to accept payments anywhere and anytime. Now, let’s see what services are out there for you.

Mobile Credit Card Readers – We are able to offer hardware that will enable accepting secure payments wherever you find yourself. You will be able to turn your smartphone or your tablet into mobile card readers simply by attaching a piece of hardware to your smart device. You will be able to customize your mobile POS through an app.

Mobile Payments – With this solution, your customers will be able to make purchases anytime and anywhere and you will be able to accept those purchases.

Virtual Point of Sale – Simply by attaching a compatible card reader to your computer and logging in, you will be able to accept payments in person, with Merchant Chimp’s Virtual Point of Sale (vPOS) solution. It is easy to set up and you will be able to accept payments virtually anywhere.

E-Checks – With our e-check payment option, you will be able to accept e-checks as a viable payment method. Processing e-checks is much easier than processing paper checks and you will simply have another means of payment added to your arsenal.

Phone Payments – By using our phone payments solution, you will be able to submit manual orders quickly and securely by using your web browser.

Monthly Billing – Merchant Chimp’s monthly billing solution will make managing ongoing billing easy. This solution is perfect if your business offers monthly subscriptions and recurring payments.

Even though the payment process takes only seconds, it is a complex process. Merchant Chimp Services – Central LA is there to make sure that everything goes smoothly during that process. Payment processing is very important and we are there to make sure it is completed without problems or hiccups.

Do not hesitate, give Merchant Chimp Services – Central LA a call today and start using our services.


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