Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing in Brooklyn Heights

Do you need help with payment processing for your business in Brooklyn Heights, New York City? Do you need help from a payment processing company to keep everything in track?


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Payment processing is a very important aspect of business running and if you want your business to prosper, you have to handle it accurately. That is why hiring a good payment processing company will not only make your job easier, but your transactions will be handled y professionals. Merchant Chimp is one of the best companies on the market and with our Brooklyn Heights merchant processing services, you will run your business with the best rates. Merchant Chimp is a payment processing company with years of experience in providing merchants and business owners with excellent services, which we can do for you too. You won’t have to worry about accepting payments, profits, billing, and card processing anymore, because Merchant Chimp is here to make everything uncomplicated for you with our Brooklyn Heights merchant processing solutions.

What do we offer?

To begin with, processing payments from your customers is the first feature which brings you income. That is why Merchant Chimp offers you modern and practical ways to accept payments from your customers. You will have an option of accepting payments from your customers at any time and place, which will help you do your business better, increase productivity and make paying experience of your customers much better. Our Brooklyn Heights merchant processing services will help Merchant Chimp make sure you are receiving payment on your merchant account and that the next day funding is collected from banks. We are here to help you keep an optimal cash advance on your bank statement and that your cash flow is continual.

Within our Brooklyn Heights merchant processing services, you will be provided with various solutions and technology which will help you upgrade your business running, and ultimately, your business. Our mobile credit card readers are a perfect solution for boosting your productivity simply because you will be able to accept payments anywhere and process mobile payments with your smartphone or tablet. Mobile point of sale, as a solution, is handy for traveling and doing business abroad, as well as on a daily basis wherever you are. Virtual point of sale, on the other hand, requires our credit card reader attached to your computer, and it will allow you accepting payments in person. We also offer e-checks solution, which you can use as operable means of payment. E-checks are simpler and faster to process than paper checks and more secure.

Merchant Chimp monitors all your transactions and payments with a fraud detection system. We will make sure there are no fraudulent activities and that your account is safe from outside attacks. With our Brooklyn Heights merchant processing services, not only will you be able to accept payments on various platforms, but you will also be able to accept payments via credit cards (Visa/Master Card/Discover, apple credit card, etc.), debit cards (Visa debit card), EBT and e-checks, which will be securely processed through tokenization. Gateway fee will also protect all sensitive data and is required for tokenization to take place. Merchant Chimp can also help you with your ongoing billing, per transaction fees and other expenses with our monthly billing solution, which will put them into monthly batch fees and keep everything in order and easier to preview. You can also securely submit manual orders through your web browser, which our phone payments solution allows.

We are here to help you in any way we can, so don’t be afraid to call our customer support center if you have any questions about our Brooklyn Heights merchant processing services and solutions. Contact Merchant Chimp and start boosting your business. For more information about payment processing, visit

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