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Are you a business owner looking for payment processing solutions? Do you want your payment processing to be efficient, fast and reliable? If that is the case, Merchant Chimp is here to offer you some of the best payment processing services in Alhambra.



We’ve been providing payment processing solutions to merchants for quite some time and we have a lot of experience in providing only the best services. Stick around if you want to find out more about our Merchant Chimp Services – Alhambra.

How can we help?

Merchant Chimp has a lot of solutions to offer, solutions that will help you run your business more efficiently. Our services range from providing E-Commerce solutions, mobile credit card readers, mobile payment solutions, virtual point of sale services, phone payment services to monthly billing solutions. We are able to handle all of your electronic payment transactions, which includes obtaining sales information, receiving authorization for the transaction, collecting funds from banks and sending the payment back to you. It does not matter if you are running an online store or you do your business as a storefront, we will help you with the payment processing. You will be able to accept payments anytime and anywhere. Our features will help you run your business more efficiently and protect your customers.

With our services, the payment process will be easy and it will be a pleasant experience. The experience of your customers will also improve since you will be able to deliver a secure payment experience which is quick and easy for your customers. If you are a new business owner, we will walk you through the payment process and everything involved in that process. Thanks to our services, you will be able to keep track of your payments and you will be able to accept payments from mobile devices.

We understand that payment processing is a very big part of your business and that is why we are here to help you out. We will make payment processing simple for you by providing you with easy ways to process payments and optimize your cash flow. Our main goal is to make your business running simpler. You will be able to accept payments in person, online or over the phone. We will provide you with top-notch technology that will make your business run smoothly and make your life easier.

We are here to help in any way possible. For any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact our support center which will be available for you 24/7. Our staff will be happy to assist you and provide you with all the necessary information and answer all of your questions. We value our clients’ businesses and we will work hard to make our clients happy. One of our main goals has always been the satisfaction of our customers.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable payment processing company in Alhambra, you can stop your search, because Merchant Chimp Services – Alhambra is here for you! Contact us today and get the solutions that will help you run your business!


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