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Houston is one of the most populated places in the State of Texas. Many people flock here for the amazing employment opportunities, stable economy and great standards. In a city that is constantly improving and delivering the very best, it’s no surprise the business world here is very competitive. Many industries struggle to find the right Houston credit card processing service to take their organization to the next level. If you are such a business, look no further than Merchant Chimp! All our services are designed to help entrepreneurs thrive and cut down on the ever rising merchant fees. Merchant Chimp provides low fee merchant services and credit card processing in Houston, and we do our best to look out for businesses by providing them with effective and dependable services.

Merchant Chimp Services

Merchant Chimp provides a wide range of services all aimed at helping clients simplify their daily activities and save money. Through the years we have worked with many clients in all industries and are happy to say that we are making a positive impact on their businesses.

We is all about the client, and always try to make our services as simple and straightforward as possible. For example, we do not tie down clients with long term contracts, instead give them the opportunity to try our services and continue if satisfied. We practice a month to month billing system for many processing services. This is what you can expect when working with Merchant Chimp.

Which Business Model Meets Your Needs?

No Fee Model

In this business model we help cut down the costs of card processing. What this essentially means is that no matter what kind of card is swiped, the extra expense will not be felt. This is ideal for those that enjoy a simple and straightforward solution. Call our customer care team for more details.

Low Fee Model

The Low fee model is very transparent and offers a flat price fee for all card processing. This service takes the extra worry of various cards processing fees away by providing a fixed fee charge for all cards. Contact our team to see if this service is ideal for you.

We Provide the Right Tools

The first step in getting our services is to secure the right hardware and software to process credit and debit cards. What you get depends entirely on the size of your business and it’s needs. Merchant Chimp has a variety of tools, apps and easy to use systems available.

  • FD-130

The FD-130 is the preferred First Data terminal and is used by the majority of merchants for their affordability, performance, reliability and compactness. The device is secure and can process all major cards. The FD-130 is perfect for all industries due to its state of the art features, simplicity and price.

  • Clover Station

The clover station is a more advanced piece of equipment that helps you run the business from end to end. These amazing point of sale devices are a must for any big and productive business. Clover Stations are very versatile and functional, enabling you to: take orders, update inventories, manage staff members, get reports simply, quickly and effectively.

  • Mini Portable Clover Device

These Mini Portable Clover Devices provide the same service and efficiency as Clover Stations, but are more compact. Just like the Clover Station, the Mini is perfect for retail, service and food industries.

Houston Retail Industry – Credit Card Processing

The retail industry is the first to feel all advancements and changes in the way trade is conducted, and in today’s world credit cards are the norm. Cash has become less popular in daily purchases due to the convenience cards provide. Many retail stores can attest to the fact that cards have not only become more popular, but that people are more likely to spend more when using them. For this very reason, it is important that all retail stores have a safe and secure system to process cards. Credit Card processing systems are especially useful to retailers because of the benefits they bring:

  • Simplify and speed up transactions: Modern payment methods are quicker and easier. People do not have to wait for change or rummage through their belongings to find the right amount. A simple swipe is all it takes now.
  • Overall security: Cards are one of the most secure methods of payment due to the numerous security protocols and procedures. An added bonus is that they enable people to walk around freely and not carry large amounts of cash with them.

Is your Houston-based business ready to improve its merchant services? Whether your business is a store, a service or a restaurant, Merchant Chimp can help in reducing fees and increasing profits in the long run. Contact Merchant Chimp to take the business to the next level with quality and reliable credit processing services? Contact our customer care team and find out what services best fit your needs, what hardware and software we provide or any other questions you have about our services.


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