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Merchant Chimp is here to help Denver businesses turn a profit with reliable and convenient Denver credit card processing services.


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Denver is a vast city, full of various industries, that provide services to citizens and make Denver what it is – a melting pot of cultures and ideas. As most major cities tend to be, Denver is very fast-paced and competitive when it comes to the business world. Businesses have to work hard to survive, and any advantage they can get goes a long way. Credit card processing systems are one of the most important upgrades for a business. Without a reliable and secure method to process card payments, establishments cannot last long in today’s market. Merchant Chimp is here to provide quality Denver card processing services! Many are not satisfied with their current merchant statements, and we want to remedy that with our services.

Merchant Chimp Services – Denver

Merchant Chimps has one goal, and that is to help ambitious entrepreneurs simplify daily operations and increase profits. One of the most significant expenses that many have is the constant processing fees they experience. These losses build up and eventually amount to thousands of dollars of deducted processing fees. These fees can get confusing and frustrating to businesses, which is why many are looking for convenient and cost-efficient alternatives. That is where Merchant Chimp can help. We are here to provide reliable and efficient card processing services and help businesses in all industries cut down on fees. This is what you can expect when working with Merchant Chimp.

Which Model is right for you?

No Fee Model. The No Fee model is perfect for cutting down the cost of card processing. This model is here to remove the extra expenses that have when processing some cards. The No Fee Model is cost-efficient and practical. Feel free to contact us for more information about this model.

Low Fee Model. The Low fee model is all about practicality and efficiency. This model takes the various card processing fees away with a fixed fee charge for all cards. Contact our team to find out more about the Low Fee Model.

We Provide the Right Tools

Merchant Chimp also provides clients with the right equipment. All our products are great for processing credit and debit cards.


The FD-130 is their affordability, performance, reliability and compactness, making it ideal for all industries. This product is the preferred First Data terminal and is the got to for most merchants for its simplicity, low price and efficiency.

Clover Station

The Clover station is state of the art gear that can do everything. These fantastic point of sale devices are perfect for any business that has a lot of customers and sales. Clover Stations are can help in all aspects, ranging from taking orders to managing staff. For more details about the system, check out our product page or contact our team.

Mini Portable Clover Device

These Mini Portable Clover Devices offers everything the Clover Stations do and are great for all types of establishments. again, this cannot be, either everything is under the bullet, or do not use the bullet-point. Here, best thing is to have the text below as part of the bullet, not like this.

Credit Card Processing for Denver’s Retail Industry

Retailers are usually the first to feel developments and changes in the market, and can all confirm that cards have grown in popularity. Cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and cards are used more and more due to convenience. Many retailers know that a store without a quality card processing system is losing out on potential profits. For this very reason, any serious retailer must have a reliable and secure system to process card payments. Here are some of the benefits that credit card processing systems bring in the retail industry:

  • Quick and easy transactions: Paying with a card is way faster and convenient for customers. Purchases are completed in a matter of seconds with the swipe of a card, and no time is wasted in returning change or finding the right bills.
  • Transactions are secure: The systems used to process payments are constantly tried and tested to make sure they are safe. Cards make cash less convenient in day to day purchases.
  • Easily traceable: Get insight into all transactions with one click. Card payments are all accurately recorded and can give quick and easy insight into transactions.

Are you ready to improve your card processing services? Whether you provide goods or services, an improved and cost-effective card processing system is sure to get you to the next level. Merchant Chimp will help reduce fees and maximize profits in the long run. Contact Merchant Chimp to take your Detroit business further than before. Contact us to find out which services best fit your needs, which hardware is best for your store or anything else that comes to mind.


It never hurts to know how much you can save.

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