Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing in Atlanta

Merchant Chimp offers quality, reliable, and secure credit card processing and merchant services for all kinds of businesses located in Atlanta.


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Are you thinking about starting a business in Atlanta? If so, you need to think about getting high-quality merchant services that will help you with different aspects of your business. Luckily, with Merchant Chimp, you won’t have to look any further. We have a wide range of services that will cover every aspect of your business. With our credit card processing system, recurrent billing, and electronic checks, your customers will be able to choose their preferred method of payment. We also offer mobile card readers that will allow you to accept payments no matter what time it is. On top of that, our mobile notary agents can help you with the legal aspects of your business. With our customized services, Merchant Chimp is the right merchant service provider for your business.

Merchant Chimp Services

Merchant Chimp provides secure and convenient payment solutions that will improve loyalty and keep your business growing. We are focused on helping the business owners, which is why we have a variety of services that are suitable for small businesses.

Our credit card processing service will help any business process payments made with credit cards. Since most transactions that are made today are cashless, having a credit card processing system is a must. Because of that, Merchant Chimp offers secure and reliable Atlanta credit card processing solutions.

For quick and easy transactions, Merchant Chimp offers mobile credit card readers that can be connected to smart devices with iOS or Android operating system. By using these hardware devices, you can easily accept and process payments wherever you are.

Merchant Chimp also has electronic checks, which are a modern and convenient replacement for the paper check. They are also secure, as well as easy to use and process. For corporations that want to give their clients the option to pay with installments, Merchant Chimp offers monthly billing solution. This service is also a great option for businesses that have subscription-based purchases.

We all know that having a reliable notary public is crucial for running a successful business. However, visiting your notary’s office whenever you need a document authorized can be time-consuming. That is why Merchant Chimp offers the services of a mobile notary public for all Atlanta businesses.

Merchant Services for Retail Stores

The retail industry is one of the fastest-growing and widespread among businesses in Atlanta. However, this industry is also experiencing changes in the way trade is conducted and paid. Since most transactions today are cashless, businesses are forced to accommodate and install credit card processing systems.

On top of that, in today’s world, everything needs to be online, which is why most businesses are considering or are already offering their goods online. However, it’s not enough to showcase your products, you also need to have an online payment system that will attract more customers. In order to offer an excellent customer experience, you should also consider covering different types of payments. You need to be able to accept credit cards, electronic checks, installments or online transactions.

If you own a retail store of any kind in Atlanta, you can benefit from the services that Merchant Chimp offers. Whether you sell clothing, accessories, furniture, beverages, or sporting goods, you should implement e-commerce into your business. It won’t just improve your customer experience, it will also bring more profit and allow you to reach a larger target group.

With online payments, your business won’t be limited to Atlanta. Instead, you will be able to accept orders from all over the country, which will bring you more profit. And with our payment system, you won’t have to worry about high fees, since we offer affordable rates that will help businesses grow. Not to mention that by using our mobile credit card readers, you will be able to accept payments from anywhere, regardless of the timezone.

Apart from that, our mobile notary agents can help you with the legal aspects of your business. They can validate the authenticity of signed documents and verify every transaction that was made in order to prevent any frauds from happening.

Are you ready to improve your business with our merchant services? Contact Merchant Chimp and choose the services that will fit all your needs.


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