VeriFone VX 520 Contactless Terminal with Internal PIN Pad PCI 3.0 64MB

VeriFone's VX 520 leads the way with unprecedented performance, mission-critical features and more of everything you want in a countertop payment device. More revenue opportunities. Flexible connectivity. Uncompromising security and dependability.


All on the proven Vx platform.
✔ Rely on it
✔ The Vx platform together with the time
✔ Tested Verix operating system, for the world's best
✔ Selling payment devices
✔ Consistency and high usability ensure lower cost of ownership and ease of use
✔ Available with VeriFone's NFC software technology, enabling full flexibility to manage multiple NFC mobile wallets, apps and programs
✔ Generates new recurring revenues from value
✔ Added applications, thanks to an extraordinary increase in memory of 160 MB standard, designed to support up to 500 MB
✔ Takes advantage of the industry's fastest processor to handle encryption, decryption and processing at lightning speeds
✔ Moving more transactions in the same time for greater profits
✔ Offers a full range of connectivity options with choice of dial dial and Ethernet dial, Ethernet and GPRS
✔ Optional battery enables mobility because there are no distance constraints
✔ Uniquely designed communication port area neatly connects cables under the device for clean countertops

All on the proven Vx platform.
✔ Combines an ergonomic design, small footprint and unique cable management system to optimize handover usage REASSURING CONFIDENCE FROM FULL
✔ Ready with standard PCI PED 2.0 approval, with the option of PCI PTS 3.X
✔ Provides end-to-end encryption with VeriShield Total Protect, secured by RSA, to maximize protection against fraud and misuse SUPERIOR VALUE FROM EXTENDED
✔ Leverages VeriFone's unmatched reputation for quality with longer
✔ Life components to extend the field life of devices and minimize repair frequency
✔ Metal dome keypad design delivers one of the most reliable keypads in the POS industry, withstanding more than one million key presses
✔ Landed smart card reader is built for 5x the life expectancy of friction readers

Note: This terminal comes with a power pack and is PCI 3.0 Compliant. This is the 64MB Version.