Battery Backup UPS

Battery Backup UPS

Battery Backup UPS

Use this uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to give your point of sale and other electronic equipment backup power in the event of a power outage. Backup power lasts 1–6 hours depending on the number of devices connected.

This UPS will also protect your equipment from power surges.

APC Back-UPS Pro BR1500G 6-foot power cord USB cable


Height: 11.85 in. (301 mm)
Width: 4.41 in. (112 mm)
Depth: 15.04 in. (382 mm)

26.62 lb. (12.1 kg)

5x battery and surge outlets
5x surge only outlets
USB interface port
External battery pack outlet
2x coaxial ports with surge protection
Ethernet in/out surge-protected ports

Regular mode: All ports pass through power.
Power-saving mode: Certain ports power down when the master device is powered down.
Battery backup mode: Backup power is engaged when a power outage occurs.

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