First Data™ FD200Ti-WIFI Terminal and Check Reader

This is the First Data FD200Ti-WIFI terminal and check reader. Accepting paper checks entails a degree of risk and added expense to you. A portion of your customers, however, expect to pay with checks, meaning that you've got to accommodate their preferences. The FD200Ti-WIFI terminal and check reader has capabilities that enables you to accept any type of payment - including paper checks - with confidence.

The wireless device features a built-in check reader and imager, while its magnetic strip reader accepts all major credit and debit cards. Checks are processed through the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) verification service. The service verifies customer information and, as an option, provides a warranty service. In addition to reducing your risk, the system protects customers' information, as their checks are returned to them after processing.

The terminal contains a combination inkjet/thermal printer, making it a compact and efficient device. Note: This device is WIFI enabled and comes with a power pack.