Our largest, fastest point of sale system

Large, versatile display

The 14" high-definition makes your work fast and easy, from inventory and employee management to payments and reporting.

Custom orders done right

Create custom orders quickly and accurately. Adjust a menu item, add or remove optional ingredients and modifiers, and automatically update the order total.

Speed, power, reliability

Clover Station packs plenty of processing power to help you run your business faster: update inventory, manage your staff, take orders, and pull reports. Now with an even faster CPU and more RAM.

Multi-layered security

Station gives you fingerprint login for enhanced employee security and end-to-end encryption of every transaction to help protect your data—yours as well as your customers’.

Station for Full-Service Restaurants

Run a smart restaurant business with a smart restaurant POS system

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Build dynamic floor plans with real-time table status

Manage your entire staff

Take table-side orders and payments

Station For Any Business

Smart POS systems that make running your business easier

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Make tips and payments a breeze for your customers

Accept all payment types including Apple Pay and Google Pay

Integrate with barcode scanners, weight scales, and other accessories

What your Station can do for you

Manage your business from anywhere

Streamlined operations
Clover Dashboard is your center of operations, from sales and inventory to promotions and business reports.

In the cloud
Access your data anywhere you need to run your business: on the floor, at the office, or on the road.

Insights at your fingertips
Harness the power of your own data—discover the patterns and trends driving your sales and take a smarter approach to marketing.

Give your customers the best of your TLC

Get to know your biggest fans
Collect and manage customer contact info and marketing preferences, so you can engage with them on their terms.

Turn first-timers into long-timers
Use our cross-promotional tools to to build lasting engagement—in real-time.

Happy customers come back
Create engaging loyalty programs within minutes—no strings attached.

Proactive listening
Engage with your customers one on one, before their feedback hits social media.