Understanding, Respecting, and Encouraging Entrepreneurs

Merchant Chimp understands the needs of small business owners. Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit with our merchant customers, our sales agents, our business partners and our employees has been a part of our DNA for years. With this in mind, we provide:


A suite of affordable, user-friendly solutions that make running their business easier, more efficient and more profitable.


Compensation plans which are among the best in the industry, as well as marketing and reporting tools to help them succeed.


Sensible solutions, great revenue share and outstanding support from dedicated staff.


A working environment within a casual atmosphere that supplies the tools and benefits to succeed along with the freedom to innovate.

Sukhrab Karimov
President & CEO

Successful and motivated business professional, bringing a 12 year career in small business ownership, planning, developing and marketing solutions to consumer problems and an expert that quickly masters new concepts and technologies to drive successful business.

Sukhrab Karimov was born in Khiva, Uzbekistan in 1983. He graduated from Tashkent Financial Institute in 2004 and obtained Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Him and his family moved to the United States in 2005. When started his first company “ABC Moving Center Inc” at the age of 21, Sukhrab used his people skills to build strong and trustworthy relationship with customers and provided with the top rated customer service.

Sukhrab also studied at the Los Angeles City College where he took computer program which took his computer skills to another level. He was fascinated by the interconnection between people, places and planning processes. After graduating, Sukhrab sought a fast-moving career. He caught the entrepreneurship bug and spent the next 10 years building a Transportation and Logistics partnership where he delighted in building relationships with people.

Besides doing charity works in the 3rd world countries, Sukhrab joined a Charity organization in 2017 and donates funds for fresh water wells building in the regions where people can’t be provided with it.

Today he works closely on new construction and business projects, sales and operations departments.

A devoted family man, a father of 4 kids and a hunter, Sukhrab’s craft of developing and bringing to life new innovations in the service provider businesses is his passion up to date.

Jason Rosales
C.O.O and Partner

Jason Rosales was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1981 when Kiss On My List was a hit song. He honed his social and negotiation skills from a rambunctious Mother, which he loves dearly. When he started his first job at Sears (Tool's department) at 18 years old, Jason used his people skills to build rapport with customers and became known as the Jr Tool Master.

Jason studied Criminology at Pierce College. He was fascinated by the interconnection between law and society. After dropping out in year one he sought a fast-moving career. He caught the entrepreneurship bug and spent the next 8 years building his portfolio in the credit card processing industry where he delighted in building relationships with people.

Jason joined Merchant Chimp in 2018 as the COO, bringing his love of people, business processes and team building. Today he works closely with the support, sales and operations departments. He lives for the first day of each new hire, so he can welcome every new employee into the Merchant Chimp Family.

Alexander Ravich

Alexander Ravich VP was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1978. Back then it was part of the USSR. He spent majority of his childhood as a professional gymnast. His family immigrated to Israel in 1990, where he continued competing in gymnastics and representing the Israeli national team in European competitions. In 1997, Alex moved to NY where he studied business management & finance. He opened his first business in 2006 & moved to Los Angeles, CA. Since then, he sold his first business to pursue bigger opportunities on his own. Today, he owns multiple successful businesses and serves as a VP of Merchant Chimp, a successful credit card processing company to be.